Beyond High School

HSC sponsors Wes Beach's popular talks all across the state (with admittance on a donation only basis), but volunteers are needed to host them. Hosts provide a place where a group can assemble, publicize the talk, introduce Wes, and collect donations to cover his expenses and any costs for the meeting place. Anyone interested in hosting a talk can email Wes at or call him at (831) 462-5867.

Wes' experience includes working with people in connection with:

  • documenting home studies.
  • enrolling in community colleges.
  • choosing four-year colleges and universities.
  • gaining admission at four-year schools, including early admission, and at both the freshman and transfer levels.
  • coping with the uniquely complex rules of the University of California.
  • continuing with unschooling-finding appropriate alternatives to formal higher education.
  • attending alternative schools and training/certificate programs.

A handout is provided at his talks. It includes thoughts about the range of possibilities in homeschooling, college admission, and life paths that do not include a college degree; transcripts; and a number stories about the routes to success that Wes's students have taken after high school. His book "Opportunities After 'High School': Thoughts, Documents, Resources" can be purchased at this talk.

Wes has 30 years experience, first in the public schools and now through his private high school, with teenagers who want to follow alternative educational paths. He's seen hundreds of kids without a conventional high school experience go on to do splendid things, including formal academic work at the highest level. Neither of his own two kids has a high school diploma, and they are both honors graduates of the University of California.

HSC distributes Wes Beach's book, titled Opportunities After "High School":Thoughts, Documents, Resources. It includes a number of transcripts he has written for his students; these transcripts can be used as models for homeschool transcripts. This book also discusses community college enrollment; preparing for, choosing, and applying to four-year colleges; and opportunities other than formal academic study. A number of resource books are described in Opportunities After "High School". Cost is $15 per copy, tax and shipping included.

Make checks payable to Wes Beach; send order to HSC Book Order, 3635 Sevilla Dr., Soquel, CA 95073

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