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There are as many reasons for homeschooling as there are families who make this choice.  Homeschooling offers freedom along with responsibility - freedom to make our own decisions regarding how we wish our children to live and learn.  Whatever initially leads parents to make this choice, homeschooling nearly always evolves into something far more than an alternative educational choice - it becomes a lifestyle choice of personal responsibility and freedom and incredible joy.

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The Homeschool STEM Advantage

We often hear bad news about Americans and science. The litany may include such things as:

    • Americans are woefully ignorant about science;
    • Americans do not trust scientists;
    • American kids don’t want to get into “hard” subjects, and not nearly enough of them train in the sciences;

The thing is... none of it is particularly true! (Read More)

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The Fun Factor

Laughter, energy and curiosity. This is how we learn.

I find that when children are happy and having fun, they are in a prime position to learn. Emotion is the gatekeeper to learning. Making learning fun ensures increased interest in a topic and the information becomes more memorable.

Let me share an experience with you.(Read More )

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Creative Thinking in Math

Math teacher and author of The Case for Creativity in Math Education, Mark Lenergan, says, “As a teen, I could not figure out my life, but in this abstract world of math, I could resolve all my problems.”

Turns out that what I, Mark Lenergan, and probably most other math teachers found comforting about math class is exactly what many children find distressing, oppressive, and just plain awful - instructional methods that require that students refrain from thinking for themselves and focus on following directions. Mindlessly. There is no room for creative thinking in math. Right?

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