HSC Unschooling Symposium

This will be an intensive weekend of deepening our understanding of unschooling. There will be speakers and interactive sessions and lots of time for in-depth discussion. The number of attendees is limited to approximately 70 people - enough for lively discussion, but few enough to allow each person to fully participate to the extent they desire.

The speakers at this symposium are really facilitators - they will be involved with the group throughout the entire symposium, sometimes speaking, sometimes as activity leaders, and sometimes as participants.

Southern California is a wonderful place for a family vacation and this particular hotel is very child friendly (and about 15 minutes from Disneyland, the beach, or other attractions). The symposium, itself, however, will be aimed at adults. Teens or even older children can register if they desire to participate in the symposium. There will not be any special activities planned for them. If you decide to bring children to the hotel, remember you'll need an adult to supervise them while you're participating in the symposium. They can join us in the evenings for fun and games.

Registration is $100 per person for the entire weekend.
Refunds will be made if we can fill your spot. Any refunds will be less a $10 service charge.
You can offer your place to someone else and we will transfer the registration at no charge.

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