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The best advice of seasoned homeschoolers and other educators. There are many wonderful articles about homeschooling plus the "Homeschooling Gateway to the Internet."
Offered by Lillian Jones, veteran homeschooling parent

The Homeschooler is a quarterly national magazine filled with helpful articles and resources for homeschoolers. It includes regular columns by prominent homeschooling writers such as Sandra Dodd, Wes Beach, Michelle Barone, Pam Sorooshian, Roya Dedeaux, Cathy Earle, and others; feature articles on important homeschooling topics; homeschooling Q & A; unschooling, learning trends and homeschooling methods; family dynamics; young homeschoolers; teens and beyond; projects, hobbies, travel, and other special interest articles.
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Revolutionizing Education in America

Dr. Doris Ball shows how your child can learn twice as much from kindergarten to high school, by focusing on Time on Task with Independent Learning.
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Your Best Mind

Quickest Way to Insanity - Homeschool Your Kids, by Julie Anderson, provides parents with the skills to help teach children with their innate learning styles in mind.

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