Special Needs

 aVowel Education offers one-on-one reading, writing, spelling, and study skills instruction to bright children with dyslexia and other literacy difficulties. Our goal is for your child to be successful in school and college. We partner with you.

Contact:  Cheryl A. Young, PhD  Email:  DrYoung@avoweled.com

Easyread System is a fully supported online phonics course for children with dyslexia, auditory processing issues or highly visual learning styles who struggle to read and write. Works through short fun daily lessons. Contact Sarah Forrest at sarah@easyreadsystem.com


Reading therapy specializing in Orton-Gillingham methodology. Custom lesson plans including explicit, multi-sensory instruction beneficial to all readers, especially grades K-3. Let's learn together!

Contact: Marianne Brooks

Email: thereadinggateway@gmail.com


Why do smart children struggle academically? The answer is in the underlying learning skills that remain underdeveloped for many children. TLC can help identify and treat the cause of learning problems.

Contact: Maria Bagby
Email: maria@therapeuticliteracycenter.com


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