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Logos on the HSC

Conference Website​

  • Artwork must be 220 x 220.

  • Color artwork preferred.

  • Acceptable Formats are: JPEG

  • Resolution: 85 dpi

Ads for the HSC

Conference Program

  • Business card size to full page size

  • Black & White prints

  • Acceptable Formats are: PDF | EPS | TIFF | GIF | JPEG

  •  Resolution: 300 dpi

Sched App – Platinum, & Gold, Sponsors

If you are a Platinum or Gold Sponsor at HSC Conference your business will be featured on the Sched schedule App.  Artwork specs:

  • • 600 x 110; preferable in color

  • • Acceptable formats:  EPS | TIFF | GIF | JPEG

Acceptable Formats for Sponsorship Signage

  • Recommended Resolution: Vector Artwork (i.e. Adobe Illustrator) can be blown up to any size. All other artwork should meet a minimum resolution for good results: ideal range is 72dpi to 100dpi at actual printed size (FEET not INCHES).

  • Artwork can be set up in inches=feet if art is 1200 dpi.

  • Preferred File Formats: JPG (Maximum Quality), PDF

  • Accepted File Formats: AI (fonts outlined or provided), EPS (fonts outlined or provided), PSD (flattened), TIF (flattened)

  • Bleeds & Crop Marks: Bleeds are not necessary. Do not set up or send artwork with bleeds, crop marks, or any printer marks. They will need to be cropped out on our end and may confuse the final result.

  • RBG or CMYK? RGB files sometimes have gamut issues and may print differently from the screen image.

  • CMYK files often print with slightly less vibrant colors but are more likely to match the image on your screen. You decide which format to send to us.

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