• If at all possible, please leave your animal at home.

  • For the safety and enjoyment of all campers, the following rules must be

  • followed at all campouts:

    • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, according to State Park Law.

    • Animals must be kept at your campsite at all times or in the control of a responsible adult, i.e., dog on a leash.

    • Campers must comply with all campground rules pertaining to pets (ie. only on trails, kept inside at night). Read park rules for any given campground.


  • The campout coordinator will have the right to determine a course of action if there is a problem with an animal, i.e., growling, barking, aggression, etc.


  • If there is an incident with an animal at an HSC event, that animal will not be welcome at any future HSC events.


Welcome to the fun-filled world of HSC campouts! We have compiled the following information to give you an idea of what to expect at our campouts. We hope you find this information informative and helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the camp host for the particular campout you’re planning to attend or hoping to attend or contact our campout coordinator

To stay informed and involved, join the HSC campers Facebook Group here



Instructions for registration will be provided when registration opens for each individual event. 

  • HSC membership is required.

  • Campers who are staying the entire time get priority.

  • Specific limitations or options will be provided for each campout, so read that information thoroughly.

  • Registration payments are nonrefundable.



Are there any planned activities at HSC camp-outs? There are both spontaneous and planned activities. Capture the flag, badminton, a knitting circle, a hike, are all examples of spontaneous activities.


I would like to plan an activity, would that be ok? We love it when campers want to organize activities! Let everyone know what you are planning so they can bring the necessary supplies. Tie-dying, foam weapon-making, friendship bracelets, or a side trip are examples of past activities



New and inexperienced campers are welcome on HSC camp-outs.

Are most people who camp with HSC experienced campers? 

HSC camp-outs are for everyone!  We welcome new and inexperienced campers. No need to worry.  Once you have camped with us, you will know everything you need to know about camping. We’ll help.  Feel free to either post your questions to the HSC yahoo camping list or Facebook group or contact the Camp Coordinator, Catherine Hanna-Askin at

How can I try out camping without spending a lot of money?

We suggest that new campers either borrow equipment or rent it. REI and other camping stores often offer reasonably priced rentals.


Are there electric outlets at our camp-sites?

Some have electric outlets and others do not.  Please ask the camp host if having electric outlets matters to you. 


Are there flush toilets are our camp-sites?

Most camp-sites have flush toilets. However, some do not.  Joshua Tree, a favorite HSC camp-site, has vault toilets.


Are there showers at our camp-sites?

Many of our camp-sites have pay showers, so bring lots of quarters. 


Are there stores at our camp-sites?

Most camp-sites have a small store which sells ice and other essential items.  Some camp-sites are near cities with grocery stores.  Others are remote.  Ask the host about nearby amenities.


Do I have to pay for babies and toddlers?  Children under two are free. 

  • Tent

  • Sleeping Bags & Pillows

  • Towels

  • Food

  • Cooler

  • Plastic Bins to store non-perishable food

  • Table

  • Plates, Sporks, Cups

  • Chairs

  • Coleman Stove

  • Lanterns

  • A Lighter

  • Garbage Bags

  • Shade (canopy)

  • Warm Clothes (often get chilly at night)


What happens at Morning Meetings? 

We introduce ourselves, learn about our camp-site and discuss the week’s activities.

When is our Morning Meeting? 

On the first morning at a time announced by the host.  There may be meetings on subsequent days to introduce late arrivals or discuss other camp activities or concerns.


Who should attend? All campers should attend, including those at individual sites.


We will usually use one central fire pit.

Why only one central fire pit?  Because it is easier to manage and safer for children.  It also brings people together.  On occasion, we will have two fire pits going depending on the camp-site.


Do I need to bring my own wood?  No, HSC provides wood for the campfire.  


We are monitoring the latest COVID-19 guidance from the CDC and the State of California.

We are hoping to return to camping with you as soon as possible!


When you arrive at camp the host will point out the kitchen and tenting areas. Tents are usually around the perimeter of the camping area and away from the kitchen/campfire area if possible.  Additionally, we also like to leave an open area for running games if the campsite allows.  

I like to go to bed early, where should I put my tent? Put your tent as far away from the kitchen area as you are comfortable.  Please do not expect it to be quiet by 10:00 pm in the kitchen area or around the fire pit.  There will be noise in the kitchen area until the wee hours of the morning.  


I like to stay up late, where should I put my tent? Put your tent in an area away from the main tent/sleeping areas; nearer to the kitchen area.   You may not disturb those who are sleeping.  Remember when someone is right next to you laughing and talking loudly, it sounds like they’re in your tent.


I have an RV; can I bring it to an HSC camp-out?  We are usually at a group site, and many group sites do not allow RV’s.  If you have an RV, please let the host know and she will tell you if we can accommodate it. Many people with RV’s get an individual site near the group site. Please note, many places do not allow RV’s longer than 29’.


I have a Trailer or Tent Trailer; can I camp at the group site?  Some group sites allow Tent Trailer and Trailers. Please ask the host if you can bring your tow vehicle. Please note that even if you can bring your tow vehicle, most likely you will not be able to park your car at the group site. You may need to park your car in an overflow parking area. You also may need to pay for parking.


At HSC camp-outs we arrange our kitchen areas so that we have a Community Kitchen.


What is a Community Kitchen? Each family has its own kitchen and prepares their own food.  However, we set up our kitchen areas next to each other in one area of the campsite. 


Why do we have a Community Kitchen?  Like the kitchen in your home, camp kitchens tend to be a great place to gather.  Whether you're preparing your potluck dish or making a late-night snack, it's often just so much more fun to have some company while your cooking - and the kids like it too!


Tables You will need to bring your own table.  Group campsites have only a few tables and those tables are for playing cards and games, doing crafts, setting out the potluck dinner and for eating together. 


The highlight for many is the nightly optional potluck. Potluck is one of the few times at camp when everyone is together. For those who are unable to eat potluck due to dietary concerns, we still welcome you to eat your dinner with the group.


How much should I prepare? What is the total amount your family will eat?  Make at least enough so that you would fill their stomachs if they ate only that one dish.  There should be enough for your family with plenty left over to share.  You may serve yourselves before you put your dish on the potluck table.


What kinds of food are at Potluck? Anything goes. Some people are gourmet cooks. While others prepare simple, satisfying meals.  Everyone always appreciates a huge batch of plain ole fresh vegetables, or mashed potatoes, or hot dogs. It doesn't have to be complicated. Don’t forget the kid-friendly meals of mac and cheese, pasta, rice, bread, etc. Most people enjoy fruit as well.


I am a vegetarian or a vegan, will there be food for me at the Potluck?  Many of our campers are vegetarian or vegan and there is always lots of food for them.


How will I know if the food is vegetarian or vegan?   The host will provide clothespins to identify vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes. One clothespin is vegetarian, and two clothespins are vegan. Gluten-free clothespins are marked as such. Please be sure to use the clothespins to identify your food.  The clothespins will be on the potluck table before meals.


Will there be enough food? There is usually plenty of food.  However, make sure that your children don’t take too much before everyone has been served.


My kids are little, can they go first?  The littlest kids are allowed to go to the front of the line. Parents may join them.


HSC Campouts are first and foremost FAMILY camps. We strongly encourage families to attend together. However, we do allow families to bring an extra friend or two along with them. Every child or teen must be staying with a registered responsible adult. 

If you bring an extra child or teen, it is very important to understand your responsibilities. 

You will be asked to sign a statement saying you are the “registered responsible adult” for each extra child/teen. You must be at least 25 years old. If you sign this statement, you are agreeing that any child or teen who is with you is entirely your responsibility. You should know the extra children/teens and their parents well. They should camp with you, and you should be supervising them the same way you supervise your own children. As the responsible adult, you are legally responsible for them and should be sure to have a medical release form from their parent.


We do NOT allow children or teens at campouts unless they are being supervised and cared for by a registered parent (at least 25 years old) who has invited them to camp with them and will take full responsibility for that child or teen’s safety, welfare, and behavior. 


Parents should understand the following:


Parents are solely responsible for the welfare and safety of their children or any minor children accompanying them to HSC camp-outs.  Each parent must supervise their children and any children accompanying them.


Parents will supervise their children so that there is a safe and respectful atmosphere at HSC camp-outs. Parents should discuss with your children the responsibilities of being in a group that consists of a variety of ages -- young children, teens, and adults.


Parents are solely responsible for the activities of their children and any children accompanying them to HSC events.


During the HSC camp-outs, do my children have to be with me at all times? Parents are solely responsible for the supervision of their children. Parents will need to decide what that looks like. Parents know their children and know how much or how little supervision their children need.


Can I leave my children with other parents if I need to run a short errand?  If you need to lave the campsite for any reason, please ask another parent to watch your child(ren).  Let your child(ren) know that you are leaving the campsite and who is watching them.  Do not leave your children unsupervised.

If I see a child doing something that I think is dangerous, what should I do? Ask the child to stop. If the child says that “s/he is allowed to do it”, then ask the child to go to his/her parents and tell them what they are doing.  Sometimes, you will see something that you think is dangerous; however, the parents know about it and are ok with it. If you are concerned, it is always good to let the parents know about questionable behavior.

Tigers, lions, and bears, oh my! Occasionally we go to places where there are dangers such as raging rives, high rocks or other natural dangers. In those cases, you should discuss with your child(ren) what is ok for them to do.  Can they climb those high rocks?  Can they be anywhere near the raging river? Become familiar with the area and let your children know what is acceptable to you.


HSC offers GROUP campouts and generally expects all families camping with us to camp in the group site as arranged by HSC.  Since HSC bases our camping prices on the number of campers expected in the group site, it can create a financial hardship for HSC if people choose to make their own reservations in individual sites. Under some conditions, it may be necessary for some campers to be in individual sites rather in the group site. If you have special circumstances that require you to reserve your own individual site, you may still be able to participate in our group, but this must be arranged with HSC as soon as possible and at least two weeks before the campout.

If you do arrange with HSC to be in an individual site, we will need some required forms and a $20participation fee which must be filled in online and paid online at least 2 weeks prior to the campout.

Instructions for filling out the forms and paying your participation fee will be given to you when you make arrangements with HSC for individual site camping. 

Remember, if you are in an individual site, you must still make sure that your children are under the direct supervision of a responsible adult whenever they are in the group site.

If you would like to arrange to camp in an individual site, please email HSC at

We would love to have you! Please let the Host or the Camp Coordinator know and we will explain to you how to complete your required forms online before your visit.  No fee required.