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The theme of the 2023 HSC Conference will be "HSC Family Reunion". We envisage a return to the community-driven, radical roots of the homeschooling movement, while throwing out a wide and inclusive net that reflects the true diversity of California homeschoolers today. At the 2023 conference you will hear from thought-leaders across the homeschooling world, who align with the secular and inclusive values of HSC. This year every day will have designated "Community Time" in the schedule where attendees can choose to socialize, take part in community activities, rest, or enjoy a dip in the hotel pool! 

Join us for FOUR engaging days of community, activities, inspiring speakers, teen events, fun entertainment, a ton of educational resources, an exhibit hall, and, of course, an awesome talent show! There will be meet-ups to find support of all types, as we are a dynamic community of inclusive, welcoming, diverse homeschoolers.  Come for the learning, stay for the community! To stay informed and involved, join the HSC Conference Facebook Group here.

Take a look at this slideshow from the 2022 HSC conference to get an idea of what you can expect in 2023!

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Conference Rates, Registration Information, Transfer process, and Fine Print

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Our Teen Program is the largest teen-run homeschool conference program in the country. 

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Would you like to sponsor, exhibit, or advertise at HSC Conference 2023?

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So many spaces to explore and create.


It takes a lot of people to put on an event this big!  Have you considered being a volunteer?

Gentle Stream

Frequently Asked Conference Questions.

Bridge into the Woods
  • Anti-Bulllying Policy

  • Event Release of Liability

  • Responsibility of non-family minor attendees


Please join us at the 2023 HSC conference to hear our speakers!

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There's more to do at Conference than you can possibly imagine....

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Please feel free to contact our conference coordinator at


Learn more about what takes place at conference here.

Thank you to our 2022 Platinum Sponsor

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Other 2022 Conference Sponsors


Check our General Info  page to learn about everything going on at the conference!

Are you new to homeschooling? 

Do you want to learn more about getting started, legal options, and homeschooling methods and styles?  You will find speakers, discussions, extensive information and lots of opportunities to get all of your questions answered.


Do you have young children? 

The conference has many ongoing activities and workshops for families with young children to enjoy.  During the in-person conferences, grandparents can attend for FREE! This way, you can attend adult sessions while another adult has fun with the kids.  You'll be especially interested in activities like the Craft Zone and the Little Kids' Playroom.  Of course, there is swimming and dancing and all kinds of family fun.


Are you a continuing homeschooler? 

If you've been homeschooling a while and you are looking for ways to enhance your homeschooling experience, you'll find all kinds of information and inspiration at the conference.  With loads of  workshops and speakers, you will especially enjoy the specialized speakers, in-depth discussions, and Exhibit Hall.


Do you want to enjoy a fantastic family vacation? 

The conference is one of the few whole-family activities available that really satisfy family members of all ages.  Attendees range from little babies to grandparents!  There are special funshops designed for younger and older children, teens, and adults, and many activities for families to enjoy together.


Are you looking for networking, support, and community? 

Join over a thousand children, teens, and adults as we learn, play, and dance together.  You will love being surrounded by close-knit happy families and will have plenty of opportunities to connect with others.


Are you a teen looking for peers who are interesting, creative, and a whole lot of fun?  

The conference teen program is planned by and for teens, themselves, and is legendary throughout the homeschooling community.  There are workshops, games, discussions, dances, and so much more.  Many teens come back year after year and look forward to it as one of the highlights of their year.


Stay up to date on conference news!

Join the HSC Conference Discussion Group on Facebook.


Use the menu links above to find the conference info you need! 

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