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2019 Conference Exhibitors 

14 Rooms/ Shakespeare Lady  


The Shakespeare Lady is committed to helping all with a hungry mind begin to study the works of Shakespeare. We do that through engaging all ages through activities and games as well as a full yet flexible curriculum.


AJ Tutoring       


AJ Tutoring is the Bay Area's leading provider of customized and flexible 1-on-1 academic (math, science, history, English, etc.) and test preparation (PSAT, SAT, SAT subject, AP, ACT) tutoring. Our rigorously-trained professional tutors are masters of the subjects they teach and connect with students in a warm & charismatic way.


Art of Problem Solving Academy, Santa Clara                      


Art of Problem Solving has been a leader in math education for high-performing students since 1993. We launched AoPS Academy in 2016 to bring our rigorous curriculum and expert instructors into classrooms around the United States. With campuses in 6 states (and growing!), our approach nurtures a love for complex problem solving, which is fully incorporated into all our math and language arts courses. Most importantly, our students become part of a community of motivated learners that helps elevate them to new heights.


BEan IN Nature


What we do: In a time of earth’s fragile ecology, BEan In Nature's mentors, help children connect with wonder and amazement to the natural world, growing their innate curiosity and passion for the earth and its flora and fauna. We do this through mentoring, guided creative exploration and hands-on discovery. Our caring staff use ancestral teachings and primitive technologies to build upon children’s reverence and to create lifelong stewards of the natural world.


BioBox Labs     


BioBox Labs is a fun and educational monthly subscription box filled with everything needed to spark your child’s love of Life Science. Each month, BioBox comes complete with easy-to-follow directions for 4-5 exciting experiments, REAL experimental tools and supplies, a lab notebook, and a link to videos that add extra detail and a touch of humor to the mix. Based on 30 years in university Biology education. No planning required. Order today and see your child’s love of science come alive!




Bitsbox exists to make STEM education a crazyfun part of kids' homeschool learning. We focus on the three C's (computational thinking, computer science, and coding) because that's where we think we can do the most good. We believe two things: that every kid has the right to learn, and that it's our job to make stuff that works for every kind of kid.


BYU Independent Study


BYU Independent Study is a nonprofit online educational program that offers more than 500 fully accredited online courses to middle school, high school, university, and professional development students.


Carrier Shell Curriculum


Carrier Shell Curriculum sells a California history curriculum, California Out of the Box. Designed for grades 3-6, this literature-approach Teacher's Guide fills a curriculum need that exists for a truly engaging study of the Golden State. The curriculum uses 5 historical fiction books plus 3 other resources; these resources must be purchased separately. The guide has reproducible student sheets that can be photocopied for use within a family. Included in this year long curriculum are explorations into life and earth science, geography, social studies, arts activities, and more.


College Advising Team


College Advising Team is a group of higher education professionals with decades of experience in college applications, graduate school applications, and career counseling and recruiting. We offer virtual and in-person workshops and small group or one-on-one support.


Compass Charters Schools (Platinum Sponsor)


Compass Charter Schools is one of California’s leading WASC-accredited virtual charter schools of choice.


Deborah Myers Wellness


Self-Help Acupressure is a perfect tool to give your children smooth and calm days! It is an easy way to help your children experience an edge in both academic and nonacademic endeavors, no matter their age. The program consists of a six-and-a-half minute animated video called the Daily Clean Your House Flow® and a companion guidebook. The Daily Flow is a series of nine easy-to-follow acupressure poses that are a win-win for everyone. (It recognizes that your body is your house and if you balance it daily, you’re ahead of the game!) Developing a regular, daily practice of the Daily Flow will help create:

• Increased attention span
• Reduced anxiety and stress
• Pleasant learning experiences
• Balanced emotions
• Increased self-esteem and mindfulness
• Improved health

Deborah Myers Wellness is dedicated to offering programs that help life be calmer, more productive, and healthier. Both children and adults will notice smoother days when utilizing the tools of self-help acupressure.  The Daily Clean Your House Flow® video uses fun animation that is appealing to children of all ages. Give your children something special that offers fast-acting benefits. Join the 8-year-old who says it’s easier and more fun to learn and the 16-year-old who says she is ready to start new endeavors. Boost your children’s enthusiasm for learning and create success in all that they do! And you’ll discover that adults love it just as much as kids do! We are in the process of applying to be a vendor with numerous schools throughout Marin, Sonoma and Solano Counties. The list of schools will be available at the conference. As an approved vendor, The Daily Clean Your House Flow® animated video and eBooks, as well as online training programs, will be accessible to homeschooler families through their respective charter schools. If your charter school is not on the list, we will submit an application to become an approved vendor. Stop on by the exhibit hall booth and see the video!


Evolve Treatment Centers


Evolve Treatment Centers offer the highest caliber of behavioral health care for adolescents 12 to 17 years old struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse issues. We offer solution-focused, evidence-based programs which help teens envision and create a future worth living for.


Film School 4 Teens


Film School 4 Teens is an fantastic new online, self-paced filmmaking course. We teach filmmaking, film history and film analysis in 18 sections with over 70 videos and a 100 page workbook. Our goal is to not only teach great filmmaking but to also help develop critical thinkers who understand the history of film in this media obsessed culture. This new course is exciting and kids around the country are LOVING it!!!




flowtoys is dedicated to furthering the flow arts and the positive and life-changing effect they have on the world. We will be offering our wirelessly controlled line of quality illuminated props for dance, performance and play, including poi, staffs, batons, juggling clubs, levitation wands, the genuine toroflux and more! All our products are beautiful, durable, rechargeable backed by a lifetime warranty. They are also all designed and produced by us ;)


Heartwood Charter School


Heartwood Charter School is a teacher led, community created, locally based, independent study school. Our mission is to promote community and whole child education that embraces choice. Our home school students may choose a number of paths inspired by the whole child approach of public Waldorf education, including a strong classic public Waldorf approach or the opportunity to design a more independent whole child, home study program. Our focus is to ensure both the humanity and future potential of our students through instructional models that embrace a full integration of body, heart and mind. We seek to provide students with an unshakable sense of their connection to and relationship with the natural world and by extension with the broader community of humanity.


Homeroom Education (Platinum Sponsor)


Homeroom Education is a nonprofit organization in San Jose providing academic hands-on, collaborative, and project based classes in all core subjects. We are committed to helping students be prepared and competitive with critical 21st century skills.


Illusive Comics & Games, LLC


Comic Books, Toys and Tabletop games


Inspire Charter Schools (Platinum Sponsor)


Inspire Charter Schools is a tuition-free, personalized learning, public charter school for TK-12th grade students. Offering both flexibility and choice, families are empowered to tailor a school program that is designed around the specific need of each student. With a fully credentialed teacher, flexible learning models, and a wealth of enrichment opportunities, Inspire Charter Schools is 21st Century Learning at its best! Inspire offers the most freedom and flexibility for families to choose from the most personalized learning platforms. Whether you are looking for a more structured online and offline curriculum blend, or a flexible out-of-the-box learning modality, Inspire has got a program for you. Choose from one of our many hand-picked curriculums or bring in one of your own. The choice is yours!  Check out each of our learning programs on our website, today at inspireschools.org!


Justice Kennedy Library and Learning Center


The Justice Anthony M. Kennedy Library serves over 4000 visitors per year for educational programs. Students of all ages come to our homeschool programs, observe court, ask questions to our judges, and hear from both sides of the courtroom aisle (Assistant U.S. Attorneys and Assistant Federal Defenders) as well as learn from our law enforcement personnel. We have scripted mock trials from fairy tales to teen oriented topics. All field trips and programs are always no-cost.



Kendama is a traditional Japanese skill toy, Focus, hand eye coordination, and good clean fun!


Lawrence Hall of Science


The Lawrence Hall of Science is the country’s only science center that is part of a top-tier, public research university. We develop programs that engage across the learning continuum — from simple curiosity to deep understanding. And our programs are proven effective in any environment — from informal to afterschool to formal K–12 classrooms. Come learn about our exploratory learning opportunities specially designed for the homeschool audience.


Lincoln Learning Solution


The uniquely designed Lincoln Empowered online curriculum is fully adaptable to fit any classroom setting. With more than 170 online core, elective, and specialty courses, each Lincoln Empowered course provides students with proven, standards-based instruction that encourages excitement and creativity. Whether you are looking to expand curriculum choices for your students, start a virtual school program, or supplement content in your classroom, Lincoln Empowered’s standards-aligned courses can help to ensure your students’ content mastery.


Linguas Antiquas


Linguas Antiquas offers classical language instruction for homeschooling families in the Bay Area, as well as online. We offer homeschool classes, tutoring, and private instruction in Classical Latin and Greek, as well as workshops and opportunities to dive into etymology, history, English, etc. Linguas Antiquas is one of the only providers of secular classical learning in the Bay Area. Through building confidence in reading and writing Latin and/or Greek, we create a firm foundation for lifelong language learning. Lauren Allen, the founder and instructor for all Linguas Antiquas classes, is also an unschooling mom of two in San Jose.


Maker Nexus


We grow makers of all ages through education, practical experience, and fostering innovation. Maker Nexus is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to increase the ability of everyone in the community to make the things they dream of. We provide training classes so that someone with no experience using tools can learn to make things. Our teen programs encourage a love of creating and an ongoing interest in solving problems. Our makerspace provides the tools and space a person needs to make things - from simple hand tools to complex, state of the art CNC machinery. This hands-on experience reinforces and grows skills to improve a person's ability to make. We sponsor a vibrant, inclusive and diverse community of makers that stimulates innovation. Our STEAM homeschool program offers challenging and hands on science and Art related programs.


Mind Muzic


Mind Muzic is an online music subscription program for students K-12. Our curriculum includes History, Math, Science, English, Vocabulary & more. Our award winning music, quizzes & games, provide teachers & homeschool parents an affordable & exciting way to teach school lesson plans through music that aligns with the national core standards.
Start your free 14-day trial today.

Money Munchkids


Money Munchkids teaches kids financial education and money management through quality parent and teacher approved products. Our products are dyslexia friendly, autism approved and good for all learning styles!


Oak Meadow


Oak Meadow’s homeschooling curriculum provides a flexible, progressive, personalized learning experience for students in kindergarten to grade 12.  Print-based curriculum blends rigorous academics with project-based assignments. Oak Meadow serves over 60 Public Charter Schools in California.


Ocean Grove, South Sutter, and Sky Mountain Charter Schools (Platinum Sponsor)


Ocean Grove is driven by a strong tradition of advocating for parent choice in education. We serve students in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and San Mateo counties. Ocean Grove provides each family with a generous amount of instructional funds to spend on curriculum, lessons, classes and more from our large vendor list. As a family, you work with a highly qualified Education Specialist to help develop a personalized learning plan for your child.


OMNI Learning Center Inc


Omni Learning Center provides educational enrichment programs, curriculum syllabi and publications for homeschoolers, their parents and teachers.


Open Tent Academy


Open Tent Academy is an all-inclusive, virtual consortium where homeschoolers (and “after-schoolers”) can take an array of classes, taught by instructors, who are experts in their fields. All classes are held LIVE (but also recorded for future usage). Classes are interactive, project based and fun! Parents can choose one class or a full curriculum! The choice is yours!


Outside the Box Creation


Outside the Box Creation began October of 2016. After being an art docent in the public elementary schools for over 12 years, Beth Herrild saw the funding for Arts Education getting worse, not better. We create Art Classes in a Box to make it easy for homeschool families & other families to teach art to their elementary age children. Participation in visual arts education increases kids' performance in all subjects, boosts self esteem and helps teach empathy. Beth has a BS in Fine Art and an MA in Whole Systems Design. Our boxes are available as individual boxes, but most families subscribe for a monthly box.


Pacific Charter Institute


Pacific Charter Institute Family of School: Achievement and Creativity Meet Here! Pacific Charter Institute programs offer accredited traditional homeschool support and independent study across 16 counties! Our homeschool program offers minimum work sample packet (one collection a year for Transitional Kindergarten through 8th grade and once per semester for High School!), free online programs, full vendor lists for direct billing to student accounts, special order requests, sibling transfers, and the rare option of reimbursing families for educational expenses up to their full account. Plus, field trips and community events! Free, nonprofit, and serving the region since 2006 through Heritage Peak Charter School, Rio Valley Charter School, Sutter Peak Charter Academy, & Valley View Charter Prep! Learn more at www.PacificCharters.org! newenrollment@pacificcharters.org, Ph. (866) 992-9033. Español: (209) 452-2940 / Для русского языка: (916) 890-4680


Paul Bacio Bricks Sculptures


Paul Bacio Brick Sculptures creates custom made art sculptures, murals, character kits, educational resources and children's design books using LEGO® bricks. As a homeschooling parent himself, Paul is passionate about unlocking the potential of the bricks and a child’s creative mind through play.


Playing With Plays


Shakespeare for Kids and Classics for Kids plays that your kids can perform! These are short, hilarious, and FUN! It's a great way to get a true hands-on education.


RightStart Mathematics by Activities for Learning, Inc.


RightStart Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience. The program lessons guide the teacher day-by-day and year-by-year, helping children understand, apply, and enjoy mathematics while surpassing state standards.


RoundEd Learning Inc.


ProblemScape, a role-playing adventure game for introductory algebra.


Sacramento County Office of Education


The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) is a test for students who need to verify their high school level skills. In some cases, students take the test and leave high school early to work or attend college. Those who pass the test receive a Certificate of Proficiency, which is equal by law to a California high school diploma, from the State Board of Education.




Transform the way your child learns. Talentnook is a neighborhood platform for learning and tutoring for children where they can learn and explore from the convenience of their home or a neighborhood location such as a library, a park, a neighbor’s home or the local coffee shop. Connect with trusted, passionate and local educators and tutors in your neighborhood. Find a partner to unlock your child's potential.


The Game Academy


The Game Academy creates and supports game-based education that empowers life-long learners to achieve academic, social, emotional and personal success. We engage imaginations with interactive games wherein communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking are the keys to unlocking adventures in learning. Our curriculum is designed to help players make enduring connections between what they know, what they are learning, and what is possible. We offer After-School Enrichment Programs, which focus on the social and emotional development of our participants. We also offer our Summer Adventure Day Camps, which blend RPGs with project-based, hands-on learning in a stimulating and immersive setting.


The Paper Airplane Guy


John Collins, The paper Airplane Guy, provides STEAM enrichment and private workshops. Stop by and learn to make the best paper airplane in the world. See how paper airplanes can teach aerodynamics.



Time4Learning is an award-winning, online curriculum for PreK through 12th grade covering math, language arts, science, and social studies. With flexible scheduling, student-paced learning, automated grading & lots of parent tools, homeschooling your child will be fun and stress-free with Time4Learning!


Trenchant Core


TRENCHANT CORE®, a business dedicated to build a bridge between school and career. We coach parents, advocates, and teachers to provide guidance and relevant information for students, and work directly with mature, self-directed students to make better long-range plans and choices. To keep our finger on the pulse, we coach employers to train, prepare, and develop employees on their journey to become polished and current professionals in their field of work and meet employee retention goals.


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides a variety of free intellectual property programming and resources for the young inventor or entrepreneur. Make-and-take activities encouraging inventive-thinking are available for students and parents.


Usborne Books and More


Award-winning, educational children's books...