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Sessions and Funshops
With so many sessions and hands-on funshops there's definitely something for everyone!  We have talks on homeschool-related topics, active and crafty workshops for the kids, thoughtful discussion topics for teens and adults. All workshops have supplies included and no pre-enrollment is needed (though you may be asked to bring something from home for a few funshops). 

Exhibit Hall

We offer a large Exhibit Hall packed with vendors who sell unique items of interest to our attendees as well as informational exhibitors who have products and services to offer the homeschooling community.  We also have other merchandise at our Speaker Bookstore, where you can pick up items offered by our various speakers all in one place.

Ongoing Activity Areas

We have many ongoing activity areas within the conference every day!  Here are some of the areas we're expecting to have this year:

  • Children's Play Room

  • Epic Playspace and Craft Zone

  • Game Deck

  • Makerspace

  • Teen Room

  • Fiberland

Teen Conference

The HSC Conference stands out because of its Teen Conference within the Conference. The Teen Conference is planned by a committee of dedicated teens and features activities designed just for teens – like dances, teen workshops and discussions, a teen space, pool parties, fun nights, and much, much more. It is legendary throughout the homeschooling community.

Family Dances

When the day's sessions are over, the fun is just starting!  Each evening there are at least two events - one for teens and one for families. Dances, concerts, games - each night you can expect something fun to keep you going!  It's also a great time to meet up with old and new friends and relax after a long day of activities.

Regional Meet-ups

Seeking more community? There will be a session for regional meetups, where you can meet homeschoolers who live closer to you!

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