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Our Mission

The Homeschool Association of California helps homeschoolers navigate the homeschooling world by providing information, advocacy, networking, and support.

Our Core Values

The Homeschool Association of California (HSC) is a secular, nonprofit, volunteer-run homeschool organization that embraces core values of equity and inclusion. 


HSC believes that the joys and benefits of homeschooling should be available to all. We strive to provide support, information and resources for all families - regardless of access to resources, race, caste, ethnicity, physical ability, neurotype, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion.


HSC empowers families across the entire spectrum of homeschooling to make choices that respect the rights, unique needs, and aspirations of their children.


HSC acknowledges the important voice and agency of homeschooled youth. We strive to provide opportunities for their engagement and participation in HSC governance and events.


HSC monitors and informs the discussion surrounding educational access and rights, at the state and national level. 


HSC educates and supports families so that they can advocate for fair and equitable laws affecting homeschooling in California.


HSC values community building, and provides opportunities throughout the year for homeschooling adults, teens and children to get together and make friends, through events, conferences, camping trips and volunteering. 


HSC does not tolerate harassment or bullying. The HSC Board of Directors is committed to providing a safe and civil environment in which all members of the HSC community, including adults, teens, and children, are treated with dignity and respect.

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