The Homeschool Association of California is a nonprofit organization (501(c)(3)) that began in1987 when a small group of Bay Area homeschooling moms got together to start what was then called the Northern California Homeschool Association.  Since then we've grown to a statewide organization.  Those original families have moved on to new life stages and passed their vision on to new members, that vision being an inclusive homeschooling organization dedicated to the support of homeschooling families in all their many flavors.  We hold to the belief that homeschooling families are the ones best able to make their own educational choices



Photo of Erika Davis-Pitre, an  older Black woman wearing glasses and a big smile.

Erika Davis-Pitre (She/Her) 


Erika Davis-Pitre and her husband Michael have 4 children - one daughter (39) and three sons (35, 33 & 26). They also have two sons-in-law, two daughters-in-law and two grandsons (11 & 4). She and her husband live in San Francisco full-time after living bi-coastally between there and Connecticut for many years. Erika and her family had been un/homeschoolers for many years and with her unschoolers grown, she wants to work to make sure that all Californians have this educational choice now and in the future. So,  she has joined the HSC Board after years of volunteering as a legislative liaison for un/homeschoolers, as a speaker, workshops coordinator and panelist at many un/homeschooling conferences all over the US and Canada and as a moderator of several online un/homeschooling groups. Erika hopes to work to increase the membership of HSC and to increase the participation of young families in the organization while she serves on the board.

Photo of Linda Maepa, a middle aged Black woman who is smiling and wearing a blue sweater.

Linda Maepa (They/Them, She/Her) 

Director of Special Initiatives, Treasurer

Linda is a scientist, inventor, serial entrepreneur, and small-scale farmer. Professionally, she focuses on renewable energy and electric transportation, cyber-physical security, and pre-K through Ph.D. education, especially in the sciences. Informally, she works on pregnancy, childbirth, and maternal-child health issues; peer breastfeeding support; and mental health and wellness. She grew up in Kansas and Saudi Arabia and is a dual citizen of the United States & South Africa. Linda is the gifted/2e homeschool mom of three gifted/2e children, aged 21, 18, and 6 years old. She began her homeschool journey as a Navy wife stationed in Hawaii before relocating to San Diego and eventually the Bay Area where she and her children started a new family. Over her 10+ years of homeschooling, she's mostly been an unschooler but has incorporated Waldorf and Oak Meadow curricula; online schooling in elementary and high school; used a daily schedule and none at all; schooled under a PSA and under a homeschool charter. A life-long learner herself, she practices experiential and project-based learning alongside learners. Her previous board experiences have been with LGBTQI, women's, academic, and youth development organizations. If you are a member or a prospective member, she is eager to hear from you about any needs you have as a homeschool family.

Photo of Martin Whitehead, a middle aged Black man who is smiling and wearing a baseball cap.

Martin Whitehead (He/Him)

Director of Communication

Martin has three children and has been a homeschooling father for 25 years.  He earned an MBA, studied film in New York, and worked on some of the best known brands in North America. In his spare time, Martin has kept bees and studied the visual display of quantitative information.  As an HSC Board member, he aspires to meet the HSC Mission Statement and support the spectrum of California homeschooling families.

Photo of Alexx Souter, a young Black non-binary adult who is smiling and wearing glasses.

Alexx Souter (They/Them)

Director of Community Outreach

Alexx is an unschooled graduate from Southern California with a passion for enacting positive change in the world. Alexx has worked with HSC as a Teen Conference Committee member and coordinator and helped to spearhead our Young Adult Conference Program. They teach about LGBTQ+ issues in education and in mental health and are going to school in the hopes of entering the mental health field. Alexx loves what HSC has done for them and is excited to continue that work as a Board Member.

Photo of Makeba Garraway, a middle aged Black woman who is smiling and wearing a straw sunhat.

Makeba Garraway (She/Her)

Director of Inclusion

Makeba moved to the Bay Area from London in early 2019, with her husband and two young children, who have always learned outside of school. Makeba has previously worked as a medical doctor, university Mental Health Advisor, and freelance instructor in Mental Health First Aid, but since moving to the USA she has joined her children in becoming a full time unschooler. As a Black woman, an immigrant, and the mother of two autistic children, Makeba has a keen interest in advocating for inclusive spaces where everyone feels seen, welcomed and respected. She is determined to ensure that the HSC membership truly reflects the wonderfully diverse spectrum of homeschoolers across California. Makeba enjoys writing- she has previously published her academic work in journals/ books, but nowadays writes mainly about homeschooling and parenting in blogs (Huff Post Parents) and magazines (Secular Homeschooler). Makeba also enjoys tap dancing, crafting and yoga.

Photo of Emily Tonkin, a middle aged White woman who is smiling.

Emily Tonkin (She/Her)


Emily has 18 years experience homeschooling with her always self-directed teen in the Monterey Bay area. For the last 5 years, her family has been on the road as much as possible to take part in homeschooling gatherings around California and other Western states. Before becoming a full-time homeschool parent she worked in a variety of industries including video production, database management and customer support. Home/unschooling has been the key to stress-free learning in her neurodiverse family, and she is committed to helping all families feel included and supported in their homeschooling journeys. Emily has previously volunteered with HSC as well as attending many conferences and campouts and is enthusiastic about supporting and empowering HSC volunteers.

Tiffani Mooney (She/Her)

Volunteer Director

After serving as HSC’s Conference Volunteer Coordinator for three years, Tiffani Mooney is now an HSC Board Member, serving as the Volunteer Director. Tiffani has homeschooled for 17 years and has five children ranging in age from 17 to 28. She’s been married to her high school sweetheart for 29 years. Her family first attended conference in 2008 and she has volunteered every year since in various roles such as Membership Coordinator and Sacramento County Contact. Tiffani also runs Big Oak Homeschoolers, an eclectic park day group in Sacramento.