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The Homeschool Association of California HSC is a nonprofit, secular, volunteer-run homeschool organization. HSC offers a low-cost, effective way of reaching the homeschooling community with your product or service. Google Analytics statistics show that our site averages 3.5K users and 4.4K sessions per month (June 2023). 

We have FOUR low-cost, effective ways of reaching the HSC community with your product or service:


This is the ideal place for low-cost classified ads for every kind of homeschooling resource from classes to books and music to travel opportunities. Go to the HSC Marketplace.



The Homeschooler Post  is published online and is free to all. This online publication is filled with helpful articles and resources for homeschoolers. It includes articles by homeschooling parents, feature articles on specific topics; homeschooling Q & A; learning trends and homeschooling methods; family dynamics; young homeschoolers; teens and beyond; projects, hobbies, travel, and other special interest articles. 

Ads on the home page of the Homeschooler Post website are square (1080 x 1080 pixels), can be in full color and feature your company's logo. The cost is $300 per year/ $150 per 6 months.



This monthly email newsletter to our members contains homeschooling news from around the state, country, and world, as well as up-to-date information about the HSC organization, its events, and outreach, as well as general homeschooling information. We keep in touch with our members while helping them keep tabs on what's going on in our organization and in homeschooling.


Ads in Dashboard are square (1080 x 1080 pixels) and can be in full color featuring your company's logo. Ads will be placed in the middle of the newsletter. Cost is $600 per year, $300 per 6 months, or $180 per 3 months. Contact our volunteer staff at to inquire about placing an ad!


Every year HSC hosts a FOUR DAY conference for homeschoolers across California. HSC Conference is bursting with community building, activities, inspiring speakers, teen events, fun entertainment, a ton of educational resources, an exhibit hall, and an awesome talent show!


Would you like to sponsor, exhibit, or advertise at HSC Conference 2023? Please see more information and the interest form here, or reach out to

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