Virtual Meetups

HSC hosts monthly virtual meetups for members. They are a great opportunity to connect with other homeschoolers and unschoolers acrosss the state.


Our current regular virtual meetups are: 

  • Neurodiverse Homeschooling families - centering the voices of our neurodivergent members/youth while also supporting neurotypical parents/carers.

  • Homeschoolers who are People of the Global Majority (Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and other People of Color)

  • Book Club - reading books that challenge and expand our outlook as homeschoolers.

  • Craft and Chat - building community while creating alongside other homeschoolers.

FREE Homeschooling 101 Workshops

Choosing to homeschool your children is a major life decision! We will walk you through California's legal requirements as well as help inspire you with all of the resources, information, and connection to other homeschoolers you will need to get started.  Whether you have young children or are considering pulling your older child out of a brick-and-mortar school, this workshop will give you the information you need to move confidently forward. OPEN TO ALL, INCLUDING NON-MEMBERS.

Annual HSC Conference

HSC’s annual conference is a place to explore, relax, learn and find time to meet with new and old friends. It’s a place where everything you need to know about homeschooling is under one roof for an entire weekend!  For more information visit HSC.org/conference

Board Meetings

The HSC Board of Directors holds business meetings several times per year at various locations around the state. HSC members who would like to schedule a visit to a Board meeting or request to be added to a meeting agenda, please contact us to schedule times, dates, and locations.