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HSC members are part of an active homeschooling network that:​​​

  • Protects homeschooling freedoms

  • Provides in-depth homeschooling information in a variety of ways

  • Offers activities and events for the whole family

  • Promotes homeschooling in the media and to the general public

HSC empowers families to make choices that respect the rights, needs, and aspirations of their children. Your membership makes you an important part of this effort

High Fives


  • Access to our fun-for-the-whole-family HSC Conference

  • Access to our HSC exclusive campouts and other HSC-sponsored events

  • Current information about how to legally homeschool in CA

  • County contacts for your local homeschooling questions

  • 888 phone line to answer your questions about homeschooling, including how to get started

  • Up to date information about legislative changes that may affect homeschoolers

  • Monthly Dashboard Newsletter and Homeschooler Post Magazine with relevant homeschooling information

  • Free Homeschooling 101 Sessions

  • Membership card to access educational discounts from vendors requiring proof of status

And, of course, there is the great satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting an organization that stands up for your freedom to educate your children the way you think best!

Your support allows the Homeschool Association of California to be an empowering resource for new and seasoned homeschooling families and to serve as a strong and respected advocate of homeschooling here in California. 




Membership for your entire family is only
  • $30 for one year 
  • $55 for two years, or
  • $75 for three years
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