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You're home with your children and schools may or may not be providing lessons, curriculum, and support. If you have decided to pull them out of school officially at this time, here is what you need to know.

(For California only, check with your own local or state homeschool organization if you don't live in California.)

1. Unenroll them from their current school (by email or in writing).

2. Establish Your Own Private School​ by filing the PSA. Instructions in English and Spanish on how to fill it out are here

3. Keep a few things on file

4. Begin homeschooling.

It's that simple. There is no testing, no follow up from the government. Join the HSC Discussion Group on Facebook and join us for our live Homeschooling 101 sessions via Zoom (link). 

At the top right of this page is a living document that is tracking a myriad of resources that have been available or are becoming available because of this crisis. Don't feel you need to use them. Prioritize making sure you and your family are healthy and doing what you need to do to survive this. ​​

If you have decided to hire a teacher, this is not homeschooling, it is educating your child with a tutor under the "credentialed teacher exemption" to the CA compulsory education law. You should check with your homeowner's insurance about liability and ensure that you are complying with all local laws, and your teacher should ensure they are complying with tax law.


Top 5 tips for Quarantine Homeschooling 

  1. Don’t attempt to replicate school at home

    1. The world is normally our classroom, this is different

    2. Let go of expectations, you don’t have 30 students, you are a facilitator of learning and your child’s parent, not a traditional “teacher”

    3. It’s going to be messy, and that’s ok

    4. Don’t worry about being “behind”, everyone’s in the same boat

  2. Be gentle with yourself, your child, your partner, and your coworkers

    1. We are in an unprecedented situation and everyone, including your children, is under stress

    2. Both parents should share child care and homeschooling to support each other

  3. Ask your children what they’d like to learn

    1. Trying doing “real life” (cooking, chores, gardening, sewing, fixing things, etc.)

    2. Also, read, play, invent, make, build, sing, dance, experiment, have fun!

    3. This document has loads of resources for those who are suddenly homeschooling

  4. Learning doesn’t only happen with a book at a desk

    1. Try something different, your kids will learn no matter what you end up doing

    2. Self-directed learning is the best kind, what is your child passionate about?

  5. Be flexible

    1. Share child duties so each parent has focused work time

    2. Use the internet or games as a tool, but don’t feel guilty if you need to rely on them at times to get things done

    3. Academics and learning doesn’t have to take place only during regular school hours