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Big Basin Redwoods State Park

May 19-24, 2019

Registration Open

Santa Cruz County

Big Basin is California’s oldest state park, established in 1902. The park contains almost all of the Waddell Creek watershed, which was formed by the seismic uplift of its rim, and the erosion of its center by the many streams in its bowl-shaped depression. This beautiful park has 4.5/5 stars from over 600 reviews on Yelp.

June 24-29. 2019
Registration will open Sunday May 26th   
The coastal bluffs at Gaviota State Park reveal a 500-foot-thick cross-section of the geographically extensive Monterey Formation. Offshore and inland, petroleum geologists have extensively explored underground for oil reservoirs within this rock sequence and probed its depths to understand the genesis of this important oil source. The naturally cemented, bluff faces resist wave erosion and are tilted to display multiple layers like the pages of a book. The geologic layers contain some nicely preserved fossils, even the complete skeleton of a halibut-like fish. {Park Info}

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