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HSC offers GROUP campouts and generally expects all families camping with us to camp in the group site as arranged by HSC.  Since HSC bases our camping prices on the number of campers expected in the group site, it can create a financial hardship for HSC if people choose to make their own reservations in individual sites. Under some conditions, it may be necessary for some campers to be in individual sites rather in the group site. If you have special circumstances that require you to reserve your own individual site, you may still be able to participate in our group, but this must be arranged with HSC as soon as possible and at least two weeks before the campout.

If you do arrange with HSC to be in an individual site, we will need some required forms and a $25 participation fee which must be filled in online and paid online at least 2 weeks prior to the campout.

Instructions for filling out the forms and paying your participation fee will be given to you when you make arrangements with HSC for individual site camping.

Remember, if you are in an individual site, you must still make sure that your children are under the direct supervision of a responsible adult whenever they are in the group site.

If you would like to arrange to camp in an individual site, please email HSC at: hsc-campouts@hsc.org.

Visiting for a day-
We love to have you! Please let the Host or the Camp Coordinator know and we will explain to you how to complete your required forms online before your visit.  No fee required.

February 3-8:   Camp Krem, Santa Cruz Mountains

March 8-13:   Joshua Tree National Park

May:   Dates & Location to be determined

June:   Mono Hot Springs

August 6-9:   HSC Conference

September:   Dates & Location to be determined

October:   Pismo State Beach

State parks do not allow reservations more than six months in advance for most campgrounds.  

Where:  Santa Cruz Mountains  www.campingunlimited.org
WHEN:  February 3 - 8, 2015
COST: $40 per person (children 2 yrs and older)           4 hour work exchange*           2 hour clean up at end of camp**
RV's:  Limited space, no hook-up's
Registration:  Priority will be given to HSC members. Refunds will be given for cancellations, less a non-refundable $15 cancellation fee, only if we are able to fill your space and made no later than January 20, 2015.  
Our online registration process has changed slightly, please read directions on the website carefully.  We continue to refine our process to make it easier and complete.

The FIRST step in the process is pre-registration. By pre-registering, your entire family will have spaces allocated for them. Following your pre-registration, within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to complete full registration for the campout. Those who are on the waiting list at that point will also be notified.

Go here to pre-register:


Your SECOND step in the process is to finish the full registration, which includes payment and form completion. If you do not complete the second step within 48 hours of notification, you will automatically be moved to the waiting list.
If you are bringing children not your own, a parent or guardian of the child will need to complete the campout registration, including a separate liability release form. Additionally, a medical release form (found here http://hsc.org/liability-form.html) must be completed by a parent or guardian, and the adult bringing the child must have two copies of the medical release (one for self and one for campout host) during the campout.

Now more about the campout!
Camp Krem, HSC's fabulous "indoor" winter "campout" is coming up soon.  We'll be staying at beautiful Camp Krem, located a few miles from Boulder Creek in the Santa Cruz Mountains from Tuesday February 3rd to Sunday February 8th.

Camp Krem was established as a summer camp for developmentally disabled people, but during the off season it is used by other groups.   Generally camps like this run $30 per person per day and up, but HSC has arranged to use the camp as a partial work exchange, with us doing some maintenance work for the camp. The price of this gathering is only $40 per person for five full days.

The camp is situated on top of a beautiful hill with panoramic views. We will have full use of the large dining hall with a fireplace, a large restaurant-type kitchen, outdoor decks (partially covered from rain), two other indoor lounge/meeting spaces, men's and women's bathrooms with (free) showers, and even a cheap coin operated laundry room. Outdoors there is a fire pit in an amphitheater, a play structure, a gazebo and basketball hoop, as well as miles of hiking trails on the property. (There's a pool but it's closed for winter.)

Camp Krem is quite different from other HSC campouts.  People tend to spend lots of the time indoors in the dining hall.  We have electricity, so that means computers, video games, movies, sewing machines, midnight doughnut making and late nights.  Some have called it more of a giant sleepover than a campout. If you want to see your HSC friends in wintertime, or if you love the idea of days of lots of indoor play, you'll love it!  Weather permitting there are great opportunities for outdoor adventure in the area; itís just combined with the indoor part.

The weather in January-February in this area ranges from torrential rain to balmy sunshine. I'm hoping we hit that gorgeous sunny week we usually get that time of year, but we can't count on it. That's why we need roofs! If you come, prepare for a variety of weather conditions. We will have to venture outdoors to go between the dining hall, cabins and bathrooms, so warm clothes, rain gear and umbrellas are a good idea just in case.

Sleeping accommodations consist of cabins, each of which will hold 10 people on five sets of bunk beds. These cabins are not winterized. The cabins have roofs and doors but the top couple of feet of the walls is just screen covered with plastic.  The cabins are not heated and most have no electricity. (A couple have light bulbs but none have outlets.) Bring flashlights and lanterns that can be used indoors. The bunks have mattresses but we'll need to bring our own bedding. Make sure it's warm bedding! (Extra blankets or quilts with sleeping bags should work.  Hot water bottles or heat-able rice bags are nice too. Also, sleeping bag pads on top of the mattresses help with warmth. Long underwear, hats...people have lots of recommendations for staying warm.)

Ten people, two or three families usually, share each cabin. Itís easy to put up a curtain of some kind as a divider if people want one. If you know a family you'd like to share with, arrange it with them, then let me know and I'll put you together. I recommend that you bring a doormat to keep the mud out of the cabins and make clean-up easier. Those staying in the cabin will be responsible for cleaning it up before leaving.

Because we are getting to use Camp Krem partially in exchange for work and because there's no janitorial service, we'll need to each pitch in to get the work done.   *I'm anticipating that the maintenance work we'll do (it could be organizing their camping or craft supplies or filing or weeding or any of a variety of projects) will take about 2 to 3 hours per person, with some jobs taking longer and some heroic campers pitching in very generously!   **Each family should plan to pitch in to help keep the common areas (bathrooms, dining hall, kitchen) somewhat clean  during the week and    **we'll all help do a thorough clean-up of all the facilities we use before we leave at the end.  How families determine who in the family does the work is up to each family.  In some, just parents work, in others, kids pitch in. 

Camp Krem will provide cleaning supplies but we need to bring our own towels, soap, personal items, as well as bedding.

We also will provide our own food and do our own cooking, as we do when camping. We will be having our infamous Potluck Dinner at Six each night (except the first night always gets pushed later!). We'll be able to use the kitchen, including refrigerators. The kitchen is big enough - it's huge! - that itís comfortable for most of the group to use together. You donít need to bring eating utensils Ė they have plenty of silverware, plastic plates, cups, and bowls.  But please bring pots and pans.  The ones at Camp Krem are too super-sized for most normal cooking.  You can also bring your table and camp stove and cook outdoors under the eaves of the building if you can't stand being so civilized! We can have the fire pit going even in the rain, so bring those Dutch ovens if you want. The camp provides firewood.

The camp is only a couple of miles from Boulder Creek and access to groceries.

No pets or firearms are allowed at this facility. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. RVs will need to park up the hill a bit. There are no hook-ups and we need to make sure not to block fire lanes. Please let me know if you'd like to bring an RV or camper.

OK, if you're ready to brave the possible rain and make your way to the Santa Cruz Mountains to hang out in a glorious spot with some of the most wonderful people on the planet, go pre-register now!

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                         August 6-August 9, 2015