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Teen Conference

Our Teen Conference is the largest teen-run homeschool conference program in the country.  Every year the teen conference is unique thanks to the amazing teens who plan it. The teen conference can include dances, pool parties, teen workshops and discussions, casino nights, daytime family games, movie nights, and much more. There is something fun for all the teens who attend the HSC conference, especially the legendary assassin game.


Meet the 2023 Teen Conference Committee

Each year a self-selected group of HSC teens works hard to plan and execute all of the events within the teen conference.  The Teen Conference Committee does everything from helping choose workshops to hosting and organizing dances and evening events for their fellow teens. 


The TCC is full of teens who are overflowing with enthusiasm, dedication, and passion; and every year they do an incredible job of creating a real feeling of community at our teen conference.

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If you have any additional questions, please contact us at  Thank you!

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