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The 2023 schedule is now live! Below you can view and download the full conference schedule both in table form and with descriptions (view-only on mobile, downloads available when this page is viewed on a computer/tablet) . We have 9 conference tracks:

  • FAMILY LIFE AND RELATIONSHIPS - Homeschooling, family life and relationships are deeply connected; each one affects the other. These sessions explore these connections, giving you a chance to pause and reflect .

  • DIVERSITY AND SOCIAL JUSTICE - Homeschooling gives us time and space to critically examine societal inequities and injustices, and the causes and ideologies behind them. Confronting our own biases and making different choices results in personal growth and less harm in the world. These sessions may challenge you to think differently and push beyond your comfort zone.

  • SELF DIRECTED EDUCATION Curious about self-directed education? Heard of unschooling but you aren't sure how it could work for your family? Are you getting resistance from your partner or wider family? These sessions may challenge everything you thought you knew about learning, and provide encouragement for your family's SDE journey!

  • NEW HOMESCHOOLERS - Are you totally new to homeschooling? Feeling unsure about making the leap? These sessions will give you some foundational knowledge about how homeschooling works in California, how you can get started, and answer common questions like, "how will your children socialize?"

  • HSC SPECIAL EVENTS These sessions are HSC conference traditions, and opportunities for HSC members to come together and build community. Whether it's at the talent show, movie night, Bizarre Bazaar, or the family dance, we'll have fun times and make memories that will last for years to come!

  • CREATIVE/ WORKSHOPS Whether it's gaming, crafting, singing or moving your body - these sessions give you the opportunity to get creative and have fun alongside other HSC members!

  • TEENS - Teens are a core part of any HSC conference! Many of these events were organized for teens by teens! Our awesome Teen Conference Committee (TCC) will be around to help new teens feel welcome and get involved in the fun!

  • TWEENS Our tween schedule is jam-packed with exciting and fun activities that your tween will love! They are sure to make new friends while participating in NERF battles, Laser Tag, Scavenger hunts, Pool Olympics and more!

  • STEAM From science to math to literacy, If you are looking for more of an academic focus in your homeschooling, this track is for you!




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