HSC Conference 2021 is going to be live, interactive and virtual. We have terrific opportunities available for sponsors, advertisers, and exhibitors to partner with us and create a unique community experience for California homeschoolers! You can begin the process by clicking on the "Sponsor - Exhibitor - Advertiser Info Form" in the RED box below, or simply email, and a dedicated volunteer can explain this year's options.

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2021 Conference Exhibitors 

Acutrack, Inc. -
Acutrack is a technology-driven print and fulfillment company, creating true value to customers for 25+ years.
Acutrack's compelling solution allows you to integrate your marketplace, print, and Fulfill your books directly to your customers. With high-quality printing and fulfillment under one roof, we give our customers a stress-free solution so they can focus on growing their business.

If you are an education company, trainer, or homeschooler, Acutrack's print fulfillment services should be an integral part of your logistics.

Our programs significantly improve the learning effectiveness through modern technologies. They enable students to build solid foundation and advance ahead at the students’ own pace. Our curriculum is developed by experts in respective academic fields and computer scientists.

Akilah S Richards | Raising Free People Network -
Raising Free People Network helps families, organizations, and corporations to examine, assess, and solve big issues in education, leadership, and personal development. By tapping into techniques and philosophies from the unschooling and deschooling movements, our network uses independent broadcast media along with live trainings and events to sustain cultures of belonging, equity, and confident autonomy.


Art Home School -
Art Home School offers a monthly online video subscription program guiding holistic art education using a multi-cultural and cross-disciplinary approach to art education. Good for students to do independently ages 10+ through high-school or fun for the whole family!

BYU Independent Study -
We offer trusted, quality courses that are accredited by several commissions*. With both online and blended courses, students receive instruction adapted to their needs, at their own convenience. Enrollment is open at any time of year, with a year to complete most courses. Our credits can be transferred to most institutions across the nation.  

Chibitronics -
Chibitronics provides kits that combine technology with arts and crafts.  Use our LED circuit stickers to make fun art projects, while learning about circuits.  Use our Love to Code kit to learn coding while making your art projects come alive.

Compass Charter Schools -
Offering flexibility in personalized learning-- the Gold Standard in Virtual Education


Consultech Information Technology -
Business & Residential I.T. Support & Services: Level Up Your Gaming Experience - Residential Virus Removal - Back-up Disaster Recovery - Residential Anti-Virus Monitoring
We offer expert user support, education, and explanation that computer repair shops can’t deliver. We now provide all residential services in your home. We are able to remove viruses, resolve errors, reinstall or upgrade operating systems, and other fixes. Our Mission: to make your business more efficient by providing solutions to maximize your time.  Our Purpose: to Empower Businesses through Technology by Increasing Security Productivity & Profitability.

eat2explore -
eat2explore is an award-winning educational food and culture explorer boxes, curated by two French Culinary Institute trained chefs in New York City.  Our mission is to educate the next generation on the connectivity of food & culture of different countries, and that through food and cooking, children can learn math, science, geography, history and social studies.  Families receive unique recipes, essential spice/sauce/grain mixes, country brochure, activity sheet, shopping list, cooking tool and collectibles (passport, country stickers, flag pins) - all the ingredients a family needs for a meaningful cooking experience around the table.  We also have online educational content like Daily Lesson Plans (multi-subjects), Curriculum Guide, cooking videos, etc.

Elana K. Arnold | Revision Season -
Revision Season is a seven-week, virtual master class in novel revision led by award-winning author Elana K. Arnold. Each week, Elana sends you a video lecture and transcript, followed by a series of assignments designed to help you put the week’s lessons into practice. A weekly live call (recorded if you need to listen later) gives writers the opportunity to ask specific questions. And a private, moderated forum provides a space for Revision Season writers to connect with and learn from each other. By the end of Revision Season, writers will have the tools they need to deepen, enrich, and grow their current manuscript into its next incarnation. 


follow your blyss -
follow your blyss is helping women discover their true divine self, awaken inner guidance, intuition, and self-healing to live a conscious life with joy and purpose. I host group and 1:1 meditations, energy work and weekend retreats in nature.


GameSchoolCon -
Visit to sign up for our mailing list, and remember to join the free community pages where you can listen to our 2020 speaker panels, chat with other family gamers, and check out our photo albums!

Grand Canyon University -
Grand Canyon University is a private Christian university located in Phoenix, Arizona. We are dedicated to helping our students change their lives for the better through education. We offer a wide range of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels that you can earn on campus and online. Our dedicated faculty and staff will be with you every step of the way to ensure you reach your goals.

HI-TAPO, an internet app, is an innovative monitoring and social networking system designed to provide immediate support for individuals interacting with law enforcement; promote safety during stops; protect against potential rights violations; foster greater law enforcement accountability; and assist in community-building.


Historical Conquest -
Historical Conquest is a history-based card game and learning system. Based on the design of Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering mixed with the gameplay of Risk, but with all historical characters, events, documents, and more. This learning system now includes, the most interactive history based website ever developed. This is a curriculum made up of lesson plans and units that teach all eras in history, in all 7 learning styles so all kids can enjoy the information in their own way.


Homeschooling Homegirls -
Welcome to Homeschooling Homegirls Podcast, join us as we take up space by sharing our BIPOC experiences in the homeschool / unschool world.

Jamie Heston -
So, you've decided to learn more about homeschooling to see if it is a good fit for your family. Now what?

Get in touch with me.

I can...
help you navigate your legal options in California
give you the information you'll need to help you make a decision if you're on the fence
talk with you about various educational approaches and methods
walk you through the steps to unenroll your child from school
ease your fears about making this big change and being solely responsible for your child's education
advise, inform, and encourage reluctant spouses
share resources for connecting with other homeschoolers
share information about options for curriculum, classes and how to create your own educational resources
talk to you about what a typical (or not so typical) homeschool day might look like
reassure you about some of the biggest questions new homeschoolers have like "socialization" and “gaps"
inspire you to view homeschooling as an opportunity and a gift for your children and your family
share stories of homeschoolers who made the choice to homeschool and only regret not making it sooner
help you move forward with confidence and a plan for success

After our time together, you will be fully informed about how to legally homeschool, you will be excited and inspired about the ways in which you can proceed, you will understand how to find community and resources, and you will be confident and ready to begin your homeschool adventure.

Liz Voosen Wellness -
Become the nutrition expert in your family! This short online course will provide fun, laughter, and insights into your health. You'll learn things about digestion, blood sugar, and healthy fats you probably don't know! Share your knowledge with your family and help everyone stay focused and energetic throughout the day!

Part nutritional education, part sugar detox, part support group – it's an empowering combination!

The RESTART® Program is a simple, powerful way to give your body a vacation from sugar and processed foods. With a 3-week sugar detox built right in, the program focuses on how to use REAL FOOD to boost your energy and cut sugar and carb cravings.

The course starts this Tuesday, August 11! Register by August 10th with the coupon "HSC" and get 50% off!

Discover how good you can feel!

**Course meets online Tuesdays from 12pm-1:30pm PST,  August 11 -  September 8.
**Register at

Personal nutrition consultations are available separately, to discuss nutrition for any health issue in for children or adults.

**This program is run by certified nutritionist Liz Voosen, FNTP. She works with clients with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, food allergies, autism, fibromyalgia and more. She also has homeschooled her kids for the last 15 years.

Miss Lily’s Theatre Class -
Topics of study include Performance skills, theater production + guest teaching artists. Final performance produced and edited by students with a virtual performance.
Theatre is more than actors pretending to be someone else. In theatre, society examines itself and views the issues that confront our culture. We can then be more aware and effective citizens. In theatre arts, participants interact with others of various ages, backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs–opening them up to a new set of opinions and ideas. This promotes understanding, tolerance, and empathy.
Topics of Study include: Art Sketchbook and Journaling - Reflective writing about character, day books; Literature Circles - Read plays, discuss elements of story-making, critical analysis; Performance Skills - Acting, improvising, stage combat, red nose clowning, circus skills, dance, vocal exercises, acrobatic yoga, warm up games and more; Theatre Production - Costuming, lighting, sound design, props and set design
Goals and Benefits to Homeschoolers:

  • Supports passion for life long learning and encourages natural curiosity

  • Challenges intellect and increases self-confidence in public speaking

  • Fosters emotional growth, team building and communication skills in an ensemble

  • Increases self knowledge, self-expression, and self- empowerment

  • Become tolerant, empathic, globally aware citizens as they examine local and world cultures through play.


Money Munchkids -
Money Munchkids is dedicated to helping teach kids about money through curriculums, activity books, games and more!

Moxie Box Art -
Art Box Subscription for a semester (5 mo) or school year (10 mo) delivered to your home each month for grades K-12. MoxieBoxes include a detailed lesson plan and all materials needed for any student to successfully create a masterpiece you will want to hang up or display in your home for all to see. MoxieBoxes are great for those parents and students that find art to be difficult as well as challenge those students that naturally gravitate to art. MoxieBox introduces different mediums, artists and art movements to students and creates a new art lesson every month so you will not receive the same art box twice.

Oak Meadow -
Founded in 1975, Oak Meadow provides a flexible, progressive education for independent learners in kindergarten to grade 12. Our print-based curriculum can be used independently by homeschoolers, or through enrollment in our teacher-supported, accredited distance learning school. Our approach is compassionate and student-centered because we believe that children are sensitive and intelligent and that learning can be joyfully integrated into life.

Our Parade -
Introducing Our Parade! A virtual home learning hub to help you cultivate customized learning pathways for your family, no matter where you are in your education journey. You’ll find resources, inspiration, and community all in one place. We provide a space for parents to discover new ideas and options for learning, connect with other parents and experts, and to create spaces, opportunities, and quests for their learner.

Join Our Parade - Empowering parents and liberating learners!

Outschool -
Outschool is a community marketplace of classes for kids. We connect independent educators with independent learners, helping parents to discover great learning experiences outside of regular school.

Outside the Box Creation -
Outside the Box Creation,  offers subscription art boxes for elementary age children that are perfect for homeschool families. Our boxes are like an art class in a box - delivered to your home monthly. Each regular size box includes a book to spark creativity, instructions, and all the supplies needed for up to 2 children. Our larger Family Size boxes include enough supplies for up to 4. Parents don’t need any art expertise. Our easy to follow instructions allow you all to discover the projects together while also encouraging creative thinking & problem solving!

Pandemic Parents Club
The Pandemic Parents Club was founded by a veteran working homeschool mom who wants to get a lot of things done and knows there are other parents out there who do, too. The Club is one way she serves those who, like her, take the coronavirus pandemic seriously and want to raise great kids while working in or out of the family home.

The values of the Pandemic Parents Club are Community, Civility, Growth, Excellence, and Respect.

Polygence -
A project-based learning and research opportunity for middle- and high-schoolers. We match our students with expert mentors from top universities and industries worldwide.

Samanta Matalone Cook -
Samantha Matalone Cook, MAT,  is an educator, historian, writer, maker, and speaker. She has almost three decades of experience in education, program development, and the arts and has worked with both small and large organizations to create educational programming that centers and connects the learner to concepts and skills. She has taught in classrooms and in private workshops, mentored other educators, and worked for and with many museums including the Smithsonian. | Wonderreel -
Wonderreel -- delivering diverse global film & video custom-curated for kids 6-12. Don’t miss our 4-week invitational preview this summer! Learn more at, and visit for your family invitation. presents expertly curated international films for Grades 7 -12 with AP, IB and Common Core curricula informing our selections. makes the world your classroom. Learn more at

Simple Solutions -
Find your JOY in the midst of the crisis!

We all know, these are unsettling times.  Life is not life as we knew it.  Enough said! As a veteran homeschooling parent for two decades, a professional organizer, and a certified health & wellness coach I am here to help you maneuver through the ever changing climate and find the opportunity in these slower days.

I hope to BLOG as often as possible and to share with you  to the daily challenges so many of us now face.   Like most of you, life today, in a our entire family home daily, looks nothing like it did two months ago. Like all things in life, some of these things I try work while others totally flop.   The main thing is to never, never, never give up. I hope that you enjoy what I share and that you are not overwhelmed.  My goal is to offer a little more calm, a little more  happiness, and maybe even a little laughter  on each of your visits.

We, the world, are experiencing a pandemic.  Something which none of us have ever seen, or could ever have imagined.  We are faced daily with challenges that we might find hard to comprehend for our own selves, much less being emotionally available for our loved ones that need and depend on us.

I am here to share my insights with anyone interested, in the hopes that what you read here on my website, or what you learn working with me in a one-on-one session, may lift your spirit, lighten you day, or give hope to a heavy heart.  No matter how big, or how small… we can come up with solutions for the issues that might be keeping you from the joy that you deserve in your daily life.

Stonebrook Capital Management -
Our Mission is to bring together the technology and low fees of the robo-advisor with the experience and expertise of a human advisor. By combining the simplicity of a robo portfolio and the sophistication of strategies previously only available to the wealthiest clients, we seek to create the best of both worlds.

The Game Academy -
The Game Academy is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to the social, emotional, and academic success of learners of all ages through the use of tabletop role-playing games and live-action role-play. We provide collaborative storytelling experiences that encourage academic and social/emotional skills in both youth ages 8-18 and adults through our innovative enrichment classes, summer camps, and custom made curricula for educators.

The Math Translator -
High-quality online video instruction in math ranging from Prealgebra through Precalculus to accompany the free online OpenStax math textbooks. Courses available this fall include Prealgebra, Elementary Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra. Learn from a math professor with over 20 years of experience and a real gift and passion for teaching mathematics!

Time4Learning -
Time4Learning is an award-winning, online curriculum for PreK-12th grade that includes the core subjects of math, language arts, science, and social studies, plus electives! The online learning system provides lesson plans for each grade and subject, teaches and grades lessons, tracks progress, and works with a variety of learning styles.

Tinker the Robot -
Tinker the Robot is Designed by Engineers to Spark the Engineer in your Child!

We create hands-on Science and Engineering at home experiences that encourage collaboration and culminate in competition. Each box comes with a graphic novel/lab notebook and all the supplies you need! The graphic novel follows our characters, Tinker and Sputnik, on a time-traveling adventure where they meet a scientist, complete a build, learn scientific theory through experiments, and complete a challenge. Finally, we host an event where students get the opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned!

Transformative Mentoring For Teens -
Lainie Liberti is the founder and creator of  Transformative Mentoring for Teens. She is a certified life coach, specializing in confidence coaching.  Lainie is the Co-Founder and Facilitator of Project World School, a company she launched with her then, teenage son. Project World School retreats are designed for teens, inspiring temporary learning communities around the world. Over the past seven years, Lainie has lived in community with teens in over 20 international locations, facilitating exploration of the outer worlds as a vehicle for reflection of the inner worlds. Lainie is an author, community leader, teen coach and alternative education advocate who help to spearhead the thriving worldschooling movement.

UP Academy -
UP Academy is a progressive, non-profit, private elementary lab school. We support students K - 5 in an inclusive enviornment both in person, and virtually. We offer an interactive project based curriculum. We offer distance learning, curriculum management, a PSP program, and a full in-person education. It is our goal to support the community of learners through this challenging time.

Usborne -
The best educational, entertaining children's books!


Vivace Youth Chorus -
Vivace is an engaging vocal music education program for youth ages 4-18 in Silicon Valley. Vivace's challenging, yet developmentally and age appropriate approach is founded on the Kodály method of music education. Our program balances music literacy, vocal training, and performance.

Wes Beach -
At Beach High School you can pursue your interests in ways you choose. You can immerse yourself in a few or in many constructive endeavors which may or may not resemble conventional schoolwork. Even if you choose to engage in the most unusual pursuits, you can gain entrance to the best colleges if formal college education is something that suits you. A diploma from Beach High School, earned very quickly or after months or even years of enrollment, may help get you where you want to go.