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The Comic Shop

Wide variety of comic books and comics memorabilia.  In our collection of games you are sure to find something to please the whole family. Card games, board games, puzzles and educational activities.

GameWhys: Games for Conscious Living
Games as Art. Games To Entertain. Games for Inspiration. Combining the beauty of art with the stimulation of game. For children to discover and learn through play and grown-ups to explore how we live and who we are.  Or simply for lovers of game and art.

PrepToon -Bring Math to life using engaging visuals!

Use PrepToon's media rich content with real-world relevance and multi-step questions to engage struggling students who need to get back on track and to challenge motivated students to do high-level thinking.

Contact: Ruchira Modi


SimplyFun Games
At SimplyFun, we make learning fun and easy for children and keep families connected. How? Through the powerfully simple concept of PLAY. Play teaches children important academic, social and developmental skills.
Bring out your elementary-age kids natural entrepreneurial creativity. They'll learn writing, math, a sense of ownership and pride by with their own fun, age-appropriate businesses is FREE. Enter coupon code "homeschool". See you there!

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